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As a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, production and operation of DC power supply, inverter power supply, charger, communication power supply, high voltage power supply and switching power supply, Jianuo Electric has entered the domestic power market for more than 20 years, relying on its strong technical research and development strength, reliable product quality, complete and efficient after-sales service body. Department, from the beginning of the industry followers into one of today's industry leaders, its sales have been firmly in the forefront of domestic sales, its products are widely used in finance, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, manufacturing, new energy, environmental protection, metallurgy, traditional energy, the Internet, artificial intelligence, aerospace navigation and the military and other industries. And it has been unanimously affirmed by users from all walks of life. Established in 1992, Cano Electric is one of the leading brand manufacturers of power suppliers in China, and obtained ISO-9001 certification in 1994. Overall quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our quality policies. We insist that the cause of power supply products must be a trustworthy cause. In addition to performance and cost considerations, we also need to pay attention to the reliability of long-term use of products. Every product in Jianong has a set of strict standard control procedures and norms from technology research, design, trial production, design verification (DVT), design quality testing (DQT), material selection, trial production, mass production, etc. In management, from business order taking, birth control list, procurement, process management, delivery, after-sales service, quality analysis, etc. We also design an efficient computerized management system to ensure that we can provide the best PQCDSR (product, quality, price, delivery, service, trust) to our customers. Providing a complete DC power supply solution is our goal. We have excellent product quality, competitive price, and fast delivery service. At present, there are more than 200 distributors and thousands of customers all over the world. Most of our customers have cooperated with Cano for many years, and we also cherish this long-term partnership. In order to serve the customers all over the country more comprehensively, Jianong Electric has established authorized distributors and distributors in various provinces or metropolitan areas in China, and has set up more exhibition and sales counters with product sales in the electronic markets of major metropolitan areas in China, in order to meet the direct needs of various types of customers and provide fast delivery and after-sales. Service.

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