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after-sale service

Dear customer, how do you do!
Thank you for your patronage of GY power products! In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following carefully after you purchase the machine:
1. GY power products are not covered by the free warranty in the following cases, we can provide paid services, please note:
Product damage caused by failure to install or use as required by the operating instructions;
The product exceeds the warranty period;
The products have been disassembled or repaired by non-authorized personnel of our company.
Accidental factors or human behavior lead to product damage, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, water intake, mechanical damage, serious oxidation or rust of the product, and so on;
The damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading on the way back to repair;
Damage to products caused by other irresistible natural forces such as earthquakes, lightning, fires, etc.
2. Second, GY power products after-sales service commitment:
GY products within one year after sale due to product quality problems occurred by the company is responsible for free maintenance;

If the product is purchased within a week after the equipment performance problems, and the appearance of no scratches, can directly replace the new product;

The replacement defective spare parts are owned by GY Company;
When we serve you, please bring the corresponding invoice and warranty certificate. If you can't show the certificate above, the free warranty period of this product will be counted from the date of production.

3. We shall not be responsible for any other commitments made by GY dealers to you that are not guaranteed by our company.

4. The regulations shall enter into force on the date of promulgation.

5. The right of final interpretation and amendment of the contents of this warranty shall be vested in Garner.

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