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Composition principle of High Voltage Fuse in DC Power supply

High-voltage fuse (also known as drop insurance) installed in the outdoor, is the operation of distribution transformer control equipment and protection is not available. In normal operation, it can be used to connect and exit the DC power transformer; when the overload current or short-circuit current passes through the fuse, the fuse fuses and the circuit is broken, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the transformer. The fuse is installed in a melting tube which can decompose gas. When the fuse is fused, the melting tube falls down by the force of gravity and the elastic force of the contact part. At this time, the arc is elongated, combined with the role of gas arcing, so that the arc extinguished. The device is mainly composed of two parts: porcelain insulation of fixed bracket and movable melting tube. It has no arc extinguishing device and can only be used to switch on or off no-load transformer or transformer with light load.




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