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What are the items for checking the operation of isolating switch of sine wave inverter power supply?

1 the arc-extinguishing angle of the blade and the knife mouth should be free from burn, deformation, rust and tilt, otherwise, the contact is not good. In the case of poor contact, there will be a larger current through the arc-suppression angle, causing two arc-suppression angle heating, redness. When the night inspection, you can see in the distance like a small red ball of fire, serious will be welded together, so that the sine wave inverter isolating switch can not be opened. 
2 The blade and the knife mouth should have no dirt, the yuan burn mark, the spring piece, the spring and the copper valve son does not have the phenomenon of broken strands, breaks. 
3 the grounding switch shall be well grounded and shall be checked for visible parts, especially for flexible parts that are liable to damage.




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