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What is the structure and circuit of voltage transformer of charging machine

The voltage transformer of charging machine is an electrical appliance which converts the high voltage into a certain value of low voltage for measuring, controlling and indicating. In fact, it is a step-down transformer. Such as GY-WY oil-immersed self-cooling single-phase voltage transformer structure and line. It is characterized by a large number of turns in the original winding, which is connected to the high-voltage circuit to be measured, and a small number of turns in the secondary winding, connected with the voltage coil of the voltmeter or other instruments or electrical appliances. Therefore, the operation of electrical transformer and transformer no-load operation is similar. The wiring of the voltage transformer is not complicated. The conversion ratio of the voltage transformer is the ratio of the original voltage and the secondary voltage, so long as the reading of the voltmeter is multiplied by the transformation ratio of the voltage transformer, the voltage to be measured is equal to that of the voltage transformer. In general, the rated secondary voltage of a voltage transformer is designed as a standard value of 100V. The structure forms of voltage transformer are dry type, pouring insulation type and oil-immersed type.




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