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Matters needing attention in installation and use of DC Power supply Contactor

There are the following points for attention in the installation and use of power contactors: 

(1) before installation, check whether the voltage of the contactor coil is consistent with the voltage of the control power supply. Then check whether the contactor contact is good, whether there is brick resistance phenomenon. Finally, the antirust oil on the polar surface of the iron core is wiped clean, so as not to cause the failure that the power can not be released due to the stickiness of the oil scale. 

(2) when the contactor is installed, the bottom surface should be perpendicular to the ground and the inclination should be less than 5 degrees. 

(3) when GY series DC power supply contactors are installed, both sides of the holes should be placed in the upper and lower position to facilitate heat dissipation. 

(4) do not allow screws, washers and other parts to fall into the contactor during installation, so as not to cause mechanical clamping and short circuit failure. 

(5) the surface of the contactor joint should be protected and cleaned frequently and be oiled as much as possible. When the contact surface is formed by arc, the metal beads should be eliminated in time, but the oxide film produced on the surface of silver and silver alloy contacts does not need to file because of the small contact resistance, otherwise the life of the contacts will be shortened.




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